Deck the hall with boughs of holly,
'Tis the season to be jolly.....

Candy canes all around,
Holidays have just started.
Reindeer are flying,
I wish nobody is sad.
Santa Claus is coming soon.
Toys for children,
Magical snow is falling
And the fireplace is nice.
Sing with us!

Klara Ajduk, 7.a

Children are singing Chrismas songs,
Holiday feeling is in our hearts.
Rudolph is riding to town,
Important gifts he carries in his sleigh.
Sadness is going away,
Tall Santa is coming our way.
Making all  our wishes come true,
Always thinking about children, too.
Saying he loves every single one of you.

Ivona Duspara, 7.a


Could you imagine
Having anything you want
Right under the Christmas tree?
Is there
Something special
That your heart desires? You
Must write it in a letter
Send it
To the North Pole.
Rest of the job is in Santa Claus hands.
Elves are going to do
Everything they can to make your Christmas even better.

Merry spirits
Are in the air!
Some people are trying to get their
Love under the mistletoe.
Every couple is
There, enjoying the beautiful sight
Of a green and red plant above their heads.
Everybody can see the love under the mistletoe.

Josipa Bibić, 7.a

Snow is all around.
Nights are
Outstandingly cold.
Wishes are the
Main characters.
All of us liked to be
Near loved ones.

Christ is coming.
Hollies are here.
Toddlers are
Making snowmen.
Angels are with us on a
Snowy Christmas night.

Elena Turčić, 7.a